Thursday, 22 March 2018

Using Wednesday's Words

Gabby set her tray of tasty mince tarts  on the refreshment table and placed her plump little hands on her hips.  She cast a jaundiced eye on Ethel Hillier and her usual contribution of devilled eggs.   "That woman has no notion of how to present food." she muttered to herself.  "It's all bits of egg shell floating in water on the bottom of her plate.  No one wants to eat an egg out of that mess."
Ethel turned her normally blank expression on Gabby.  Her eyes positively danced with suppressed excitement.  "I do believe my destiny is in catering." she gushed.  "I'd be delighted to help you do the dusting, cleanup and reconfiguration of the chairs afterwards.  I can spend as long as you like here dear."
Gabby closed her cornflower blue eyes and counted to ten.  If there was anything that Ethel was worse at than cooking, it was cleaning.  Still, she couldn't be blamed for that, coming from a household of all men.  "That would be lovely Ethel, I always appreciate the help."

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Words For Wednesday

WFW is a weekly writing prompt designed to get our creative juices flowing.  It's been around for quite a while now and we are always glad to see people join us.  You can use the weekly prompts any way you like.  Use all some or none of the words.  The idea is just to become inspired to write...anything...poetry or prose, fiction or nonfiction, sci fi or fantasy. Why not give it a try.  Leave your offering here in comments or on your own blog.  Just let us know if you are posting on your own blog so we can come and read and encourage.  
Here are this weeks prompt words:

configuration, blame, jaundiced, spend, destiny, blank
cornflower, dusting, minced, tasty, afterwards and plump.

Have fun with these.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018


It's Spring...the bunnies are cavorting in the back yard...the sun is shining....the snow is gone (mostly)....the pussy willows are in bud.   It's Spring.  Oh, I said that.  Well anyway, IT'S SPRING!!!!!  

Monday, 19 March 2018

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday is the brain child of Diane from On The Alberta Montana Border.  You can find her in my side bar.  Each week Diane gives us a theme which we can use, or not.  This week the theme was 'lessons leaned in childhood'.

It wasn't that they 
didn't try.
They'd scratch their heads
and heave a sigh.
But did I listen?
No, not I.

I believe if my parents were around still they would heartily agree with my assessment of the situation.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Thank You

It's St Patrick's Day.....a day for one and all, Irish or not, to celebrate being Irish.  I'd just like to say thanks to Joseph Espy for getting it into his thick Irish head in 1848 to come to Canada.  Without him who knows where or what I would be lol.  Happy St Patrick's Day Joseph .... the luck of the Irish shone on me the day you came to the 'new world'.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Artistic Licence

A wonderful day with the littles.  We had delivery pizza (always a treat for them) and spent the afternoon happily working our way through a bale of multicoloured paper and markers augmented with sides of tape and slashes of scissors.  Lots of fun.  Those kids can play happily for hours with art supplies.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Using Wednesday's Words

"Why are you looking so glum Ralph?  Did someone scarper with all the ham sandwiches?"
"No, but I got a big mouthful of capers when I tasted Miss Minnie's offering to the refreshment table.  That stuff belongs in the trash.  What a cruel thing to do to a perfectly good piece of pork."
Sharon grinned.  "You got no taste Ralphie.  But, it was a lovely funeral though, wasn't it?  Big Eddie would have been so proud of his little nephew playing Amazing Grace on his penny whistle.  It was charming.  He always said that kid was talented."
"Yeah, great funeral, nicely done, but it was pure bedlam when they accidentally dropped the coffin into the trench and Big Eddie rolled out.  What a shocker.  Glossy pink lipstick and fishnet stockings with seams.  Who knew?"
Sharon shook her head.  "But did they really have to bury that perfectly good Coach bag with him? What a waste."