Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The Fine Art of Detachment

You learn early in life (or at least, you should) not to become 'attached' to places, things...even people.  Your long curly hair that you had for nine years give or take....cut off and laying on a hairdressers floor.  The house you lived in for the first twelve years of your life...your castle, your fortress, your fairy land, your security blanket...sold out from under you.  Your adored grandparents, here one day and gone the next.  And so the message is driven home..if it can happen once it can happen again so...don't get attached.  Stores and services that were like family to you now gone.  Landmarks that marked your passages through life, disappeared.  Promises made and broken.  Don't get attached.  And so when someone asked me how I could be considering selling our home of 32 years and moving, asked me if I wouldn't be devastated to leave it, I just laughed.  I haven't had a 'home' since I was twelve, just places to live.  When I was asked how I was holding up to the fact that my hair in my old age was thinning and disappearing I said it didn't bother me one iota.  I haven't cared about my hair since I was nine years old.  I'm used to the idea of things just disappearing ....aren''t you?
I suppose this may all sound  a little negative but I think of it more as just 'living in the moment'..enjoying what 'is' right now and then moving on.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday is the brain child of Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border.  You can find her in my sidebar.  Each week Diane provides us with a theme which we can use or totally disregard...the important thing is to write.
This week the prompt or theme is 'friendship'.  Let's give it a go shall we?

Even though I'm cranky,
not known for being swanky,
and tend to hide out
when there's folks about,
next day I'm kind of surly
if I don't retire early,
cooking is not my strong point
and I seldom clean the joint,
he still wants to keep me around
as by our oath we two are bound.
He says he likes me any way
and he's happy that I want to stay.
to 'overlook' he makes his biz
because that's just what 'friendship' is.

Why not tell us what your idea of friendship is and what it means to you...or, just go off the rails and write about anything.  We all do that now and again.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Been There..Done That..Not Doing It Again

Today the sun shines, the birds sing, the grass is growing (oh nuts, the grass is growing).  All things taken into consideration I should be singing a happy song and dancing a jig.  Am I?  No, I am not.  For some strange reason I am feeling low.  I have no idea why.  Never mind...I've met this devil before and I know what to do.  I am not going down this road again.  Step 1....admit something is funky...Step about it .... Step 3...go outside (I don't care if you don't feel like it, go outside anyway)..Step 4 ... crank up the tunes...Step 5...get some work done....Step 6...focus on how damned lucky you are.  It usually works, if not, the doctor knows what to do.  I feel better already just getting it off my chest.
How are you feeling today?

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Yin and Yang

We ended the day yesterday with news of yet another school massacre in the States...this time in Texas.  Things are escalating.  Not only did they have shooters, there were bombs discovered as well.  Someone intended major destruction this time.  
We began the day today with the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meaghan.  A light of hope in a darkening world.  So much more pleasant to talk of dresses and fascinators, crowds and music, menus and horses, queens and princes than it is to talk of the death of children and destruction of property.

Friday, 18 May 2018


One day to the Royal Wedding.  There will not likely be another Royal Wedding of this import for at least another generation.  We live in a city that has the nerve to refer to itself as 'The Royal City'.  Hah.....I have been everywhere there is a where in this city and there is not one British flag or fascinator to be found. In each store I asked and was advised that they did not get anything like that in.  Did no one is this ridiculous city think to themselves, 'hey, Royal wedding, there could be money in that'?. There are no flags and bunting up anywhere.    I thought it would be nice to display a British flag in the window seeing as we are both of British descent..but can't be done.  I am beyond disappointed.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Words For Wednesday

Words For Wednesday is a weekly writing prompt designed to get our creative juices flowing.  This month the prompts can be found at Elephant's Child.  You can find her in my sidebar.  The prompts this week are of what looks like a house built into a hill and one of two seagulls walking along the beach squawking at each other.  Unfortunately for me, this week the prompts do not speak to me at all.  Maybe they will work for you.  Pop over and have a look at the photos and read some of the excellent submissions in comments.

"Did you see the legs on that one?"
"Never mind that.  What about the guy in the speedo with the sunburn?|
"Ooh...that's gonna hurt."
"This sand is hot.  How's about we fly around and see if we can spot an ice cream stand."

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Let's Talk

May is the month to talk about mental health issues.  Don't keep your problems to them out.  It is mind boggling how many of us, when pressed, will admit to bouts of depression, suicidal thoughts, being on medication to control various conditions such as schizophraenia, autism, ADHD and the list goes on.  
Personally, I ran into trouble after the birth of my daughter when I entered into the hell of postpartum depression.  No doctor mentioned the possibility of this during the pregnancy or after.  For five years I struggled with feelings of worthlessness, did the bare minimum to keep the household running, harboured feelings of guilt because I couldn't enjoy my child the way other mothers seemed to enjoy theirs.  One day, sitting listlessly in front ot daytime TV, an angel mentioned her struggles with postpartum depression.  I sat up straight in my chair with chills running down my spine.  She was me.  I was her.  This was normal.  I was not some evil creature who didn't deserve to live.  From that day forward I began to improve.  Life again held happiness and meaning.  Postpartum depression has left it's mark though and I still have minor recurrances from time to time.  I recognize it now and if I can't handle it on my own I will get help.
My daughter suffers from bouts of severe depression and is on medication for it.  It would be so easy to judge her for the times when her home is a total disaster and her children are perhaps not cared for to the level one would expect.  She is struggling to get from one day to the next.  Sometimes she needs to be reminded that she needs to talk to her doctor again as the meds don't seem to be doing their job.  Sometimes she needs a break from the house just for a few hours or from the kids for an afternoon.  
My grandson has high functioning autism and ADHD...he also is on medication to try to control some of his outbreaks.  
Mental illness is rampant in our society.  One would be hard pressed to find a family that has not been affected.  For every day that you are filled with joy and can enjoy your day and the people around you, remember, there is someone (probably right next to you at work or on the bus or in the store) who is living in the darkness of mental illness.  Smile a lot at people, offer a friendly word to a stranger...such small things can mean the world to someone in the depths of despair.  And let's talk about it.
....thanks to Susan Kane of The Contemplative Cat for reminding me that is mental health month........